MENS Thursday 7's @ Socceroof Winter 2021

This is a MENS Division.

Registration fee is all inclusive. There is NO $5 entrance fee from Socceroof this season.

Prior to registering please review the Socceroof Covid Safety Protocols

Games are played on Thursday @ Soccerroof. The surface is a turf field and this division plays 7v7 on the facilities largest field.

The season starts on Thursday, January 7th. There are no games.

The games are 7-a-side requiring a goalkeeper and 6 outfield players.

Rosters should be a minimum of 11 players. Captains can register by making an Individual Payment - teammates will then be able to register/pay individually prior to a deadline.

Payment of the one-time Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster - Team Fees must be made as a one-off payment at the outset of registration.

Games consist of 21-minute halves and teams will have a minimum of 8 fixtures, invariably more depending upon format.

Kick-offs: 7:30pm, 8:15pm, 9:00pm, 9:45pm, 10:15pm and 11:00pm each Thursday evening.

Teams will rotate kick off times and have at least one game in the earliest and/or latest time slots.

Jan. 7, 2021 - March 12, 2021
6 games of 2 x 21
Socceroof Indoor Turf 7v7 Large Field
NY Mens Soccer –

Registration Closed

Registration closed 01/14/2021 noon