MENS Mon/Thurs 11 a-side Winter 2021-22

About the League

The games are 11-a-side requiring a goalkeeper and 10 outfield players.

Games are played at McCarren Park, Astoria Park & Dewitt Clinton Park on Monday & Thursday Nights. The season starts on November 15th pending weather and the finish of the current season.

Rosters should be a minimum of 15 players and take into account the on-field requirements.

Captains can register by making an Individual Payment - teammates will then be able to register/pay individually prior to a deadline.

*Payment of the one-time Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster - Team Fees must be made as a one-off payment at the outset of registration.

Games consist of 33-minute halves and teams will have a minimum of 8 fixtures.


*November features 10:00pm kick offs at McCarren Park on Monday and Thursday Nights as well as 8:00pm kick offs at Dewitt Clinton on 54th and 11th Ave on Thursday Nights
*December features 8:00pm kick offs on Mondays at Astoria Park and 8:00pm kick offs on Thursdays at Dewitt Clinton Park.
*January through early March features 8:00pm kick offs on Mondays at Astoria Park and 8:00pm kick offs on Thursdays at McCarren Park.

Teams can make a specific request but should be prepared to play at any and all of the above given times. Teams will rotate through the times and days during the season unless requesting otherwise.

Free Agents: If you are a player without an affiliate team you can register as a free agent and we place you on a team.

If you are a team captain in need of additional players you can search for players by position and availability here:

If you are in doubt about any of the above or cannot find what you are looking for email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Nov. 15, 2021 - Jan. 10, 2022
8 games of 2 x 33
McCarren Park , Dewitt Clinton , Astoria Park