🏆COED Champions League NYC Spring 2022

Completely free to apply: At checkout in the notes section please include the most recent league(s) you have played in. Be sure to include the format and if possible, a link to the schedule or standings showing where your team finished. Don't be afraid to brag on your team and include as much information as possible.

Welcome to the Champions League NYC!

This division is an opportunity for top Coed and Mens teams competing across NYC to come together in one competition.

All games take place on Sundays at Randalls Island on Fields 82-85. All fields are turf and appropriate footwear includes turf and/or moulded, firm ground shoes. No soft ground cleats, metal spikes, or heavy cleats of any kind.

Scheduling is flexible, with three separate weekends provided for each of the first three rounds of play. The knock out stage will take place between June 5th & June 12th. Only the final is not flexible. This will be played on June 19th.

Round #1 will take place between April 3rd - April 17th.

Round #2 will take place between April 24th - May 15th.

Round #3 will take place between May 22nd - June 5th

Knockout Stage will commence between June 5th & June 12th.

Finals on June 19th.

Format of the competition will feature 11 a-side, with two female players required in the outfield at all times.

Upon acceptance into the competition and placement in groups, captains will be emailed in order to schedule each round of play on a date that is agreeable to both teams.

At the finish of the group stage and based upon the standings teams will enter into the knockout round.

Every team will play a minimum of 4 matches throughout the competition.

Cost upon is $500. Upon acceptance Captains will be asked to submit payment as a one time fee. Venmo, PayPal and some forms of Crypto will be accepted.

April 3, 2022 - June 13, 2022
5 games of 2 x 35
Randalls Island 82 , Randalls Island 83 , Randalls Island 84 , Randalls Island 85
I LOVE NY SOCCER – info@ilovenysoccer.com

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