❤️ ROUND 1: Thursday Williamsburg 6's Late Fall/Winter 2022-23

About the League:

❤️ This is an open division split into divisions by level of play. There are no gender requirements. The spirt is competitive but friendly and we ask that you keep this in mind when registering to play with us.

🌳 Games are played at Bushwick Inlet Park during November and December, with January and February games featuring play at McCarren Park. From March 1st all games move back to BIP. All games are played on Thursdays with kick offs at 8:00PM and 8:50PM. All of our leagues include a minimum guarantee of 8 matches. Often times more, but a minimum of 8 games is guaranteed. The final format will determine the number of matches as well as playoffs. Teams will be informed of the format prior to match day #1.

🗓 The season begins Nov. 17th pending the completion of the current season.

🦄 Games are 6-a-side requiring a goalkeeper and five outfield players. There are no gender requirements, nor any exclusions.

✏ Captains can register by making either a Team Payment or an Individual Payment - teams using the latter option will be given a deadline to complete rosters.

⏰Teams registering players individually should have a minimum of 10 players registered by the deadline, which will be emailed in advance of Match Day #1.

🔓Payment of the one-time Team Fee allows as many players as you wish on the official roster - Team Fees must be made as a one-off payment at the outset of registration.

🎶If you are registering as a free agent and wish to be assigned with a friend, please include their name in the notes section at checkout

👕All registered teams and players who are new to the league receive free league shirts. Teams currently registered with the league need to inform the league via email if there are new players in need of shirts. We do not give out new sets of shirts every season. If your team have their own uniforms then please email us with your color so we can reserve it for you to avoid conflicts where possible.

🏆🏅Prizes include custom medals, a championship trophy and most importantly the glory of victory!

⏳Games consist of 22-minute halves and teams will have a minimum of 8 fixtures.

🕙Kickoffs are at 8:00PM & 8:50PM. Teams will rotate through the available time slots and play one match per week.

💌Questions can be emailed to info@ilovenysoccer.com

Nov. 17, 2022 - Jan. 6, 2023
4 games of 2 x 25
Bushwick Inlet Park #1 , Bushwick Inlet Park #2 , McCarren Park
I LOVE NY SOCCER – info@ilovenysoccer.com

Registration Closed

Registration closed 12/01/2022 noon